Mantras and music really speak to me. When I hear beautiful music and lyrics with spiritual messages I feel blessed. I'm so happy that someone else has created such lovely music. Mantras and music have in some ways awaken my lust for spiritual nourishment.

One of my favorite mantras is Aakhan jor.

aakhan jor chupai nah jor.
jor na mangan dayn na jor.
jor na jeevan maran nah jor.
jor na raaj maal man sor.
jor na surtee gi-aan veechaar.
jor na jugtee chhutai sansaar.
jis hath jor kar vaykhai so-ay.
naanak utam neech na ko-ay.

No power to speak, no power to keep silent.
No power to beg, no power to give.
No power to live, no power to die.
No power to rule, with wealth and occult mental powers.
No power to gain intuitive understanding, spiritual wisdom and meditation.
No power to find the way to escape from the world.
He alone has the Power in His Hands. He watches over all.
O Nanak, no one is high or low.

I found this translation in pdf on the internet called Gurbani Kirtan compiled and formatted by Khushdev Kaur Thind, Ph.D.

This was the first mantra that I have listened to regularly and I always feel safe when I hear the mantra in any version. I started to listen to this mantra about two years (was it 2007 or maybe 2008?) ago, a friend gave it to me not mentioning anything about the origin or artist (I still don't know who made the recording). Later, in the end of summer/ fall of 2009, I bought a cd Shanti by Snatam Kaur and there the mantra appeared again. That cd inspired me to start to read about the Sikh religion and there I found the mantra in writing. Coincidence? :-)

An other mantra the I love and listened to a lot is Pritham Bhagaautee, it fills me with joy and love for the world.

Pritham bhagatee

Pritham bhagatee simar kay Guru Nanak lay-ee(n) dhee-aa-ay.
Phir Angad Guru tay Amar-Daas Ram-Daasay hoe(n) sahaa-ee.
Arjan Hargobind no simaro Sri Har Raae.
Siri Har-Krishan dhiaa-ee-ay jis dithaae sabhe dukhe jaa-ay.
Teg-Bahaadur simaree-ay ghar naau nidh aavay dhaa-ay.
Sabh thaa-ee(n) ho-ay sahaa-ee.
Siri Guru Gobind Singh sabh thaa-ee(n) ho-ay sahaa-ee.
Dhan Dhan Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji.

After first worshipping the Adi Shakti the power,
Meditate on Guru Angad, Guru Amar Das and Guru Ram Das, may they grant us their protection.
Meditate on Guru Hargobind and Guru Har Rai.
Meditate on Guru Har Krishan, seeing whom all suffering shall depart.
Meditate on Guru Teg Bahadur and the nine treasures shall come to you.
May he protect us everywhere.
Great Great is Guru Gobind Singh, may he protect us everywhere.
Hail hail to the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

From Snatam Kaur's cd Liberation's Door.