Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spiritual practice

This is my eighth day of doing the same sadhana including yoga, mantras and meditation. I feel like when in love, I long for it, think about it and plan for my sadhana. I feel like a happy child and I smile. I'm very grateful for this gift.

What a change these eight days have been for me. From totally stressed out and sad to much more calm and smiling. I'm not saying my spiritual practice is a miracle that has changed my whole life, but I think that I longed for something which I had no name for; a state of mind or a way of relating to ones life perhaps. I longed so much that I started to search for something and found my way here to where I am now. This is where I have been headed my whole life and I so glad I'm here now. And there is so much more, just around the corner.

But even though I'm smiling and feel grateful for this experience that I'm living right now, I'm in pain. My lower back hurts almost all the time and I'm not more flexible then before, I'm actually really stiff and that also hurts. Now I'm really whining. I hope this will pass, but maybe it doesn't. I'm still going to continue.

Yesterday I bought the CD Listen by Sat Kartar. I like it a lot. The first song Sat Gur Prasad is sweet. I'm singing along with Sat Kartar as I sit in my comfy chair and knit on a cardigan.

Last but absolutely not least; this blog has a new follower. Welcome!

And to anyone that reads this; I grateful for the time you wish to spend on reading this blog. I hope you have a really nice day filled with joy!


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Your doing sadhana for consecutive days has given me the strength to start my own. Have a blessed day.

  2. Thank you for your comment. It's a joy for me to have inspired someone, but a bit unreal since I am truly a newbie at all this. It feels fantastic and it gives me a lot of motivation to continue my journey. Thank you again!

  3. I'm so happy for you, the whole feeling that has no name that you Longed for.......I am dying to get somewhere in that state of bliss and still cannot......I am superly inspired by your Blog....I'll try and make the effort towards my inside...and do like a 40 day Sadhana myself! I hope I can do it!!!!

    Thank you!

  4. Hapiness charm:
    Make the effort, you get so much back. It's really nice that you think of my blog as inspiring, that is like fuel for this blog. Thank you! :-)