Sunday, May 30, 2010

Love is love

Today I got the the chance to help a friend to move from one apartment to an other. It was hard for me, both physically and mentally since was many stairs to carry their belongings and the whole move was a bit unorganized. But they are truly loveable people and I hope they are going to love their new home.

I have come to the realization that I very set in my ways and inside I think that people should do exactly like I would have done. I wonder why... But I'm sure that I will get insight in why soon enough.

During the moving today I tried to think "Love is love", something I have heard recordings of Yogi Bhajan say. I like it because to me that is a statement of the fact if I feel love for my friends, I don't feel less love for them just because they don't plan their moving in the same way I would have.

So, love is love!


  1. I like that saying too. Also that the concept of love is not talking sweet or being pleasing but something much deeper, unconditional. Love is the truth; I just forget that a couple of times a day. :D

  2. Yes, we forget so easily. We have to remind ourselves all the time.