Monday, June 28, 2010


When I get stressed I can feel irritation and tension rising in my body. I usually feel the urge to speak my mind, usually it's my closest, my husband, that gets all these bad feeling in his lap. In a relationship there is always something you can get irritated by if you choose to. In most cases I choose love and not to get irritated, but when I'm already stressed, irritated and usually also hungry I can't help my self. I become what I hate the most; unsupporting, mean and not nice at all. I want to be a pillar of love and strength for my husband.

As always, I find my hukam worthy of reflection:

Like the pots on the Persian wheel, sometimes the world is high, and sometimes it is low. Wandering and roaming around, I have come at last to Your Door.

Listen to Mata Mandir Khalsa - Japji Sahib


  1. A tip for steady mood: carry around a bag of trail mix - nuts, seeds, raisins/other dried fruit mixed together - and keep it close! You'll never have a hunger dip again. :D Also try having your hands in Shuni mudra - thumb to middle finger - when you feel emotions rising. It's god for patience. If nothing else, it acts as a reminder. :)

  2. Bought some nut, ate to many, felt sick... I'm not a good student. But I try! :-)

  3. Isn't that the definition of being a good student - that one tries? :D