Sunday, June 13, 2010

Music music music

I love music, it's a vibration of universal love. Please visit  my page Music, I have updated it with an music player from Sikhnet and the Gurbani Media Center. So now I can share my favourite music with you much simpler.

I know I been spamming you with the Gurbani Media Center but it's because I have fallen completely in love with it, I totally amazed that I've been given such a wonderful gift. When you don't know anything about gurbani, kirtan and so on, you can't possibly know where to start and what CD's to buy... The Gurbani Media Center is a blessing for someone like me that is new to this music tradition and love music. This is my way to  connect to the divine. I have spent, I sure, more then 2 hours a day since I found the Gurbani Media Center looking for music. I don't think I really can express what it means to me. :-)

Yesterdays hukam told me:
We are saved by following those, O Beloved, who seek the Sanctuary of the True Lord.

Yesterday was a fantastic day. Me my husband went to a spa and had some treatments like massage. Then we went to the big city, about 1 hour away with car, and had dinner at a vegetarian restaurant. Then we went a movie and had popcorn. Nice! I'm very happy that we gave tourist from Europe the coins we had to him for parking his van, he wasn't so good on English so we don't know if we had enough but I hope so. While I was giving him the money I realized that I was standing with my hands in Pranam mudra and slightly making a bow when I was wishing him a nice stay in Sweden. Practice is working it's way into every day life...

Todays hukam:
My treasure-house is overflowing with rubies and jewels; I meditate on the Formless Lord, and so they never run short.

Love and Bliss,


  1. Wow! I got so inspired by you that I put up my playlist also! :) (Although I couldn't figure out how to put it on a separate page so I just put it up next to my blog.)

  2. I'm so glad liked it. :-)

    I'm listening to your playlist right now; Ardas Bhaee is really nice.