Monday, August 9, 2010

Joy is now, joy is here

My wonderful present from Spirit Voyage arrived today, to think that it has travelled around half the world. So now I am sitting here listening to GuruGanesha's Joy is Now smiling :-) Thank you Spirit Voyage! Bliss to you all!

I wrote some words on a yellow post-it some days ago, and just put it in my bag. I found it today and I actually think that there were something in those lines that is sweet, so I'll post them here:

Rest your mind at the lotus feet
Feel the love
flowing all around you
Blessed, peaceful
forever in bliss

Today is day number 1 of my new 40 day sadhana, it is beautiful path towards a healthier life I have set for myself. Not only a sadhana but 40 days of healthy food, more sleep and more exercise. No alcohol or tobacco, not that I do that often as it is but now I have made a promise to myself and I intend to keep it. Keep up and you will be kept up, as so many times said before. I would like to modify it though since I really feel it; "Keep up and you will be kept up in love!"
Hari Om, dear Lord
Sat Nam, Holy name
When I call on the light within I go home


  1. What a great commitment!
    My hot tip is to make a green smoothie in the morning, green leafy vegetables stop sugar cravings (for those of us that have them :D) and keeps blood sugar levels nice and even. You can start with 60% fruit (banana, apple, pear etc are good) and 40% greens (baby spinach, mangold bokchoi etc) and the juice of half a lemon - I swear you won't taste the greens! My liver spots peeled right off after 6 weeks of daily green juice and smoothies. :)

  2. Thank you for the smoothie tip. I'll try it. :-)