Friday, August 27, 2010

Still not well, but a little bit better

At least I think so. :-) I was supposed to work on a music festival this weekend but it it now seems it won't be that way. Since I haven't been to work this week it would be very hard to explain how I can work on the festival in weekend when I couldn't work at my regular job.

Beautiful Spirit Voyage have once again given away a great gift, not to me this time but still something to be happy about. I have done a numerology reading from 3ho and this made me look at it again. So much is correct about me, and it helps me understand things about myself. And combined with my spiritual name it is a beautiful future ahead.

I've been listening to very nice 1970-type song today, it sounds a bit old time rock and I like it.
Enjoy Guru Dass Singh - Chanting Sat Nam


  1. Thank you Pearljeet! Well, I am a bit better. But still this cough, I hope it is gone and away tomorrow.

    Take care!