Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Choices choices...

So now we here again... Still don't know what do with my life... Choices to be made and path to walk and not to.

Elections went fairly well for my party but a very, very right wing party made a huge leap into the Swedish parliament. Some say the are racist, some say they are not. I know what I think and I believe you can guess where I stand...

The choices I have to make is if I want to stay in politics or leave it, for some time I have believed that I didn't have to choose but now I feel I must. I feel incomplete in every aspects of life and as a human when I never at my best; not at the job, not at the politic meetings and not at home. Some might say I am successful and impressive, but I feel small and never enough.

I feel like better person when I read hukams, I haven't been doing that a lot lately. Better shape up. And keep up.

Now I must yoga, I'll write more when I have a minute over. Ok, that'll never happen so I'll write later, when I decide to.

Love to all,


  1. Don't try to be perfect, you already are. :) (That was what I worked on today so you get some of it as well!) I think that if one focuses on the inner order and truth then the outer will align. So you read that hukam and you'll be inspired to see new avenues and possibilities.

    ...and on a political note; I do think it's good for democracy that SD got elected - and they're not the problem really, it's the people voting for them that are. I think SD should be included as much as possible and debated with as much as possible so that they can't spread lies and warmongering in silence. And it makes everyone else realize that we need to keep up and make a serious effort to choose actively the society we want to be part of and build. A little resistance never hurt anybody. :)

  2. A fitting hukam for me:

    Raamkalee, Fifth Mehla:
    You read the scriptures, and the commentaries,
    but the Perfect Lord does not dwell in your heart.
    You preach to others to have faith,
    but you do not practice what you preach.
    O Pandit, O religious scholar, contemplate the Vedas.
    Eradicate anger from your mind, O Pandit.
    You place your stone god before yourself,
    but your mind wanders in the ten directions.
    You apply a ceremonial tilak mark to its forehead, and fall at its feet.
    You try to appease the people, and act blindly.
    You perform the six religious rituals, and sit wearing your loin-cloth.
    In the homes of the wealthy, you read the prayer book.
    You chant on your mala, and beg for money.
    No one has ever been saved in this way, friend.
    He alone is a Pandit, who lives the Word of the Guru's Shabad.
    Maya, of the three qualities, leaves him.
    The four Vedas are completely contained within the Lord's Name.

    Direction when you need it, how small I feel when I read this...

    Thanks for you comments, Saranpreet! You are very smart, both on spiritual and political matters.. :-)
    Nanak seeks His Sanctuary.