Monday, September 6, 2010

Peace and love

When I play the guitar and sing, I feel peace and love. And my husband is very supporting of my new found interest. Playing Sat Narayan over and over, and some Rise up in between. :-) My fingertips hurts again...

A couple we know are going through a separation right now with betrayal as a key ingredient and there are children involved. Not pretty, but the thought of this whole sad story this makes me feel more love then ever for my husband. I would never want to cause that kind of pain onto him. Just the thought of him makes me smile, I can hardly believe I am so lucky to call him my husband!

Today we have finished painting the front of our house windows and doors, they are now beautiful English red! The house looks amazing, very warm and inviting. I am so happy! My mother, me and my husband have spent this weekend and tonight painting. My father has been giving tips on what paint to use and how to go about this project. It has truly been a joint effort, and that feels nice! Especially since I have been keeping my calm and not hitting the roof with all my "I know how this should be done myself not taking any advice"-feelings, as I used to do. That is great! I look forward to more peaceful family relations in the future, just due to my own handling of things. I changed, no one else. :-)

Cherish those you have around, friends and family. Love to all.


  1. So nice to hear everything is going on so nice and smooth ;)
    Lotsa love and hugs...

    Ps: would love to see pictures of your newly painted house =)

  2. Thank you Pearljeet! I'll see what I can do about the pictures... :-)