Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Teacher's training, the first weekend

This weekend was the first weekend of 20, teacher's training course. So much inspiration and so much information! I am floating on good emotions right now, maybe it is all the kundaliniyoga I did this weekend. :-)

This TTC is so fantastic, packed with wonderful weekends. I'll be attending weekends themed on yogic healing, the chakra system, humanology, asanas, meditation, the role of the teacher, ayurveda, anatomy and so much more. And to think that I will be receiving knowledge from very experienced teachers from Italy, Chile, Germany, USA and, of course, Sweden. And every weekend, the Sunday starts with sadhana for the aquarian age. Pure love! I am so blessed!

The first thing that happened on Saturday that I among about 40 people happened to sit down right to and old acquaintance, we haven't seen each other for about ten years, and now I feel like we went there together. Weird and wonderful!

This weekend was all about introduction. We learned how a kundalini yoga class is built, how sadhana is preformed, how to sit right (not so easy, my knees hurt a lot on Sunday), what the intonation mantra Ong namo guru dev namo means and how it connects us as teacher's to our lineage.

And we got do a lot of yoga and meditations. One of the last things was the meditation Sa Re Sa Sa, I know it might be a beginners meditation but it is absolutely amazing. I felt love, just flowing through me, then and there. I so long for next TTC weekend, new things to try and to learn. :-) To do this TTC is one of the best things I have decided to do.

I met so many nice people! But I also realized that I can be really judgemental, not so nice to realize but all my meditation, gurbani reading and yoga has made me see things about myself. Now I see it and I can do something about it before I act on it or let it be the truth. It is all by the grace of the guru.

Best of it all was still sadhana. I do not like going up at 4 am, but it was so worth it.

I may not be a sikh yet, but I am certainly a sikher...


  1. Oh wow! Sounds so cool... I remember the time when you were so unsure whether to apply for the TTC or not, You have come a long way... I am so happy for you. I wish you all the very best in this journey to becoming a KY teacher, and I know for sure that you'll be a great teacher!
    Enjoy yourself Har Anand!
    Bliss, light and Love...
    HarSimran K.

  2. Thank you HarSimran! You always have a kind word ready, I admire you! :-)

    Take care!