Sunday, November 21, 2010

Report from teacher's training, weekend 3

Weekend 3 on my teacher's training focused meditation. Bhai Himat taught us, or more correctly guide us through, different meditations and held a few lectures  in between. When he started to talk I thought I was going to be bothered by his dialect, really broad american, texas style type, but no, the things he said was amazingly interesting and I remembered this thought in the car home with a smile.

Something that I will take with from this weekend is that yoga means to join; to join your self with the bigger self, to join your soul with the bigger soul.  I have heard it before but this time I really took it in. That yoga is a state of conciousness and that meditation is the process in which you experience your state of yoga.

When you are new to meditation, like me, it is easy to think that meditation is all about closing your mind; to think nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing... But it is not like that at all. It's about expanding your senses, expending your awareness, take it all in, experiencing all, like letting your soul float above and all around you.

When you meditate you clean your soul from bad energy, you will become aware of old energy of trauma and sorrow in you, but just let it go. Let it float away, release it... Don't judge, just stay aware of your emotions and let them go, let the trauma and sorrow go.

At the end of the weekend we did a 62 minute meditation on long Ek Ong Kars, it was absolutely painful. I almost laugh at myself now, such resistance... I wanted to quit from minute 1, just lay down and don't do it, but I didn't. I stayed in the pain, maybe not meditating, but holding position, holding my hands in mudra, chanting, focusing the third eye and thinking "stay, stay, stay, keep up, keep on, I'll quit, no keep up, keep up....". Hard! But I stayed in it... I kept up, I was kept up...

Sat nam, love & light!


  1. Owh Har Anand Kaur Ji.. this post reminded me of the book i read *eat, pray and love* :)

    Doing meditation and having the urge to leave and not being able to focus.. well even I do have that problem =)~ but seriously u have done it !!! bravo!!!

    What i love the most is the part u said *You were kept up*...nicely said =)

    Satnam ~~~

  2. It's really a beautiful and humbling feeling when you realise that you are kept up! :-)