Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Feeling soft and happy

Sunday was a day of feeling soft, happy, calm and smiling. The first day in long time when I have been totally free to just be. I did some reading, played my keyboard and sung mantras, did laundry, ordered photos for my wedding (one and a half years ago, too long). I also managed to get out and walk in the snow and sun was shining like the best winter day you could imagine. Beautiful!

I have been wearing my kara for some days now. It's a nice reminder of the creative force of this universe, and I feel happy when I see it och feel it against my wrist. I'm trying the figure out if this is maya in some way. I'll get back to you on this I think, please share thoughts on this if you have any.

I also ordered Ravi Kaur's Bhangra dvd, what a fun way to get a workout. I am not good at it but I have fun and Ravi explains the moves very well. I looking forward to getting healthier and more fit. I am learning to bhangra, step by step. I placed my order of the dvd, the kara and some mantra cd's at satnam.de webshop and they were very nice serviceminded to all my questions and delivered the stuff I ordered really fast I think.

I am also doing this beautiful celestial communication by Gurudas Kaur that I was thought this last teacher's training.

It is amazing, I love the singing and rhythm and the beautiful mantra Pavan Guru. Have you tried it? Did you like it? I feel calm, strengthened and happy when I have done this meditation.

Love & light,

P.S. Where I live the snow glistens! I hope you see natures beauty too, where ever you are... :-)


  1. Sat Nam! Thanks for posting the Pavan-meditation, I love to chant it but haven't done it with the moves, I'll definitely try it out!

    I think that we in Scandinavia are so brainwashed by lutheran protestantism; feeling pleasure is not evil, it's part of life. Denying pleasure is as bad as denying pain because they're two sides of the same coin. I think Maya would be to totally believe that pleasure and pain is all there is, to not remember that they are transitory. To chase after pleasure/run from pain. To forget that there's something more, a higher order. (And you have the Kara to remind you of that higher order, right? :D) That's my personal take on it. Blessings!

  2. Maya is supposed to distract one from his/her creator. thats the simplest definition of Maya.
    Your possessions (like a house, money, car, maybe even work, spouse, etc.) can have maya effect on you; but the idea is to control and self- discipline your mind to thinking that all your possessions are yours b/c God or the Guru (same thing) gave them to you. Those who accomplish this thought process with respect to their possessions, are reminded of the creator when they feel/ look at/ cherish all their possessions.They cherish them as Gods', not theirs' (as Gods' gifts). Which implies that those things make you grateful and humble.
    Your kara is your personal reminder that your hands belong to the creator and that these hands will never do something to harm someone or do illegitimate work... but it is possible to develop Moh (attachment) to the Kara as a material possession (which is why Kara is made of a simple inexpensive material- not diamond or Gold LOL) b/c it is supposed to be something you cherish as a blessing of God-
    But I don't think I make sense- Ok, What I am trying to say is that at the end of the day- don't look at it as a material possession, look at it as a divine intervention, as a symbol of God's power- how God has no end and no beginning- just like a Kara; and as a handcuff that reminds you that your body and hands belong to the Divine and that you are a part of the Divine, and that you will do no evil!
    I think you are fine- I think that Kara is working for you, just don't over-think it. Enjoy it- enjoy the liberation in surrender- enjoy your freedom in the creators command and commitment.
    Most Indian Sikhs, and even non-Sikhs, just wear a kara for protection- I had a friend who was Hindu, and when she was expecting a baby (her first Pregnancy, now I guess she has 2 kids, and they are both school going), she told me to get her a kara to wear- just for the feeling of security, that God it there with her, for her. Just look at your Kara as a reminder that the Creator is there for you, with you at all times =)

    I like how you titled this post feeling soft and happy. It makes me think of soft fuzzy linens. hahaha... I'm such a kid! Oh and have fun learning Bhangra!!!
    Take Care

    HarSimran =)

  3. Interesting thoughts, Saranpreet! The kara surely reminds me of the higher order, but also to do good and that I am taken care of and that I am part of something bigger.

    HarSimran, thank you for your long comment. Your thoughts are mine and that is exactly why I wanted to explore the maya concept in relation to my kara. But just as you do; I think I am fine and that the kara is working for me... :-)

    Take care both of you!

  4. Great summary there, HarSimran! :) Thanks!