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Mool mantra

First I just want to tell you what happened with me since the last post. My scared, scared ego dissolved two days later and now I am happy for my colleague. At first I thought I should just be supportive as there was nothing I could do to change the reality of the promotion, but it hit me I was happy for my colleague, for real. My ego had dissolved, I was free. That made me even more happy, Wahe guru! He lifted me up...

Gauree Gwaarayree, Fifth Mehla:
Listening to the Lord's sermon, my pollution has been washed away.
I have become totally pure, and I now walk in peace.
By great good fortune, I found the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy;
I have fallen in love with the Supreme Lord God.
Chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, His servant has been carried across.
The Guru has lifted me up and carried me across the ocean of fire.
Singing the Kirtan of His Praises, my mind has become peaceful;
the sins of countless incarnations have been washed away.
I have seen all the treasures within my own mind;
why should I now go out searching for them?
When God Himself becomes merciful,
the work of His servant becomes perfect.
He has cut away my bonds, and made me His slave.
Remember, remember, remember Him in meditation; He is the treasure of excellence.
He alone is in the mind; He alone is everywhere.
The Perfect Lord is totally permeating and pervading everywhere.
The Perfect Guru has dispelled all doubts.
Remembering the Lord in meditation, Nanak has found peace.

Well, as beautiful as that is I really wanted to shared what I took to heart from Mata Mandir Singh's lecture on Mool Mantra from the last time at my kundalini yoga teacher's training.

Ek ong kaar

Ek refers to when all is one, as in the cosmic big bang

ong is the creative sound

kaar refers to all that was created

Sat naam

sat means true

naam means identity

Karta purkh

karta is the one whois the doer

purkh means the being, the materia


nirbhao means fearless, without ego and without fear


nirvair is to be in the neutral mind, without revenge


akal refers to being outside of time, without time, timeless


morath is in the image of


ajonee means beyond birth and refers the part in us that wasn't born, our soul


seibung refers to the guru within us all, that we all have the choice to see the truth or not


guruprasad is the gift given by the guru, the blessing and the grace from the guru


jap is the urging to repeat, chant or meditate on this

Aad sach

aad sach is that which was true from the beginning

Jugad sach

jugad sach means true for all time

Hebee sach

hebee sach means that this is true even now

Nanak hosee bee sach

Nanak hosee bee sach means Nanak, this will always be true

So that is what I picked up from Mata Mandir's lecture and for me it gave a whole new insight to the mool mantra which I am so grateful for. I just want to remind you that I can have missed things from all the wonderful things he taught since English is not my first language.

ek ong kaar sat naam karta purkh nirbhao nirvair akal morath ajonee seibung guruprasad jap aad sach jugaad sach hebee sach Nanak hosee bee sach

In my mind I am resting in peace knowing that for me the mool mantra means that there were one creative sound that created all, that is the true identity of all I can see. One creator that created all and when I let my ego go, I let my fear go, becoming fearless and without revenge since all is the creator's plan. There is something beyond time and all that was created was created in the image of that, we have all a piece of the guru within us, our soul. We have all been given a gift from the guru and that gift is the wisdom of this all. This was true in the beginning, true for all time past, true now and this will be true always.

Blessed be, and I would love to have your comments on this!

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