Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kundalini yoga

Yesterday I finally attended my first Kundalini yoga class. It was an interesting evening that I had longed. We started the class with sing the mantra Ong namo guru dev namo three times and then the teacher lead us doing different postures. There were a lot of focus on the upper body and arms, and since arm strength is not my strongest point, it was quite challenging. The experience as a whole was so different from other yoga classes that I've attended; much more focused on the mind and breathing than on physical strength. After each movement sequence I felt my body tingle, I guess it has something to do breathing and muscle tension. It was not unpleasent nor pleasent, it just was. I would have have wished for more mantra singing but maybe it will be more of that next week. I slept really heavy during the night and had a hard time getting up this morning and today the muscles in my legs have been acheing, it has served as a reminder of a good experience. During the last meditation the teachers assistant lay a note with some words of wisdom in our outstretched hands. My note had some words from Osho (free translation from swedish):
The intellect can not see all, because it is on the same plane as the rest of the world. Understanding will only come when the problem is on one plane and you are on a other, higher plane.

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