Monday, March 1, 2010

Sat Kartar

Ohh, I found a fantastic beautyful voice, Sat Kartar Khalsa. From her CD Flow, I found Ong Namo, a little piece of love and happiness. She sings the words Sat Kartar and from what I can understand that means Doer of the truth.

I'm very grateful for the ability to enjoy music, I feel something more in the music. 2+2 is more than 4.


  1. How did u get into spirituality at this early age

  2. I love Sat Kartar's CDs as well. Flow and Listen are both great. I listen to them often and also listen to her sadhana music Cd.

    I think sometimes music takes a little bit of time and then it grows on you.

  3. Anonymous: I don't think this is an early age, but I sure feel like a child in my search. :-)

    Gurumustuk Singh: Yes sometimes we have to let music grow on us but right now I feel open and I seem to find a lot of beautiful music. Or maybe the music finds me...

    Thank you both for your comments.