Friday, March 19, 2010

Wahe Guru - a souls vibration

Finally this day arrived, the day with the mantra evening class led by Gurudass Singh from Chile. The evening has been beautiful. As we sang the mantra Wahe Guru and I could feel the mantra vibrating in my chest, what a fantastic feeling. Gurudass held a inspirational lecture and but much because of all things just spinning round in my life, I could not focus on being here and now and really listen to him which was just what he was talking about.

Being here and now and not thinking just doing, being and accepting you, the true you, all of you. The mind is just thoughts and we give up our power to the mind. We think we can't do this and that, we believe our mind and we give up our power to do things just because we think we can't. I think the lecture focused on trying to clear the mind of thoughts so that you can be able to accept yourself, all of yourself, things you like about yourself and things you don't. By doing this, finding some kind of happiness which is not related to how your life is going but just is the happiness of just being you.

If you have the chance to listen to him, do so, because he was really worth listening to. I wish I could have concentrated better, but I believe we get what we need, so I wasn't suppose to get more than I got this time.

But when we sang, all my troubles with focusing disappered and all was clear. It was beautiful, much like being in love. Just being content with all. I seldom think of myself as beautiful, but right there and then I was. Covered in white light with hint of pale lavender color in my clothes, from the outside this is not true but this is how I saw myself during the meditation.

This was a beautiful experience, I'm so filled with joy that I experienced it. I want to sing forever!

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