Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Right now I'm not feeling very well. I'm right in the middle of an emotional storm feeling insufficient, sad and weak. My body aches, I'm nauseous and very tired. I hope this will pass soon and that I can feel well again. I believe all my emotions and the physical symptoms has to do with my discovery of my values and how I don't live by them. I guess this is how the beginning of change feels like, when you have not started to work through it yet.

Today I did a sadhana I received from a Kundalini Yoga teacher that I am in contact with. I'm amazed the he took the time to give me my own sadhana, what a beautiful gift from someone I only meet twice. He was supposed to give a beginners course in Kundalini Yoga but there wasn't enough interested, so it got cancelled after the two free try out lessons. He is a really sweet man. I'll do my best to keep the practice up for at least 40 days, and I really hope the higher power within me will help me with this.

An other beautiful gift came today by email. A women on the course this weekend had seen that I was moved to the brink of tears during one of the exercises and sent me an email asking med if I was OK now. That was very nice of her, I think. She is a person to look up to in other aspects of life and this makes her even a greater role model.

I also saw that I have a follower on this blog today. That is also gift, to know that someone listens to once written thoughts. Someone whom I never met.

My husband has been a real sweetheart showing me even more love, now when I need it the most. He is amazing and fantastic, every day with him is a gift. I love him.

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  1. Keep up! It is through these challenges and hard times that you grow and make changes in your life.I find that even though times like this can be very difficult to go through that in the big picture a lot of positive change can come out of it (particularly when you are practicing a spiritual lifestyle and are more aware)

    Coincidentally I wrote a blog post about change... but a different kind of change :)

    No Evolution without Change - http://www.mrsikhnet.com/index.php/2010/03/16/no-evolution-without-change/