Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 20

I'm half way through my 40 days of sadhana. I'm grateful for the support I've felt so far on this journey from family, friends, anonymous blog readers and known readers. For me this have been so much more than just the actual time doing yoga and meditating; I have looked at my life, made decisions, listened to kirtan (a lot) and felt the love surrounding us all. Aad Such Jugaad Such Hai Bhee Such Nanak Hosee Bhee Such.

I feel transformed and looking forward to day 40, how will I feel then? I was so sad and felt so lonely before, even though I have every thing. A husband, a family, a house, a great job; what more could one wish for? I still have all this but I have found something inside me that vibrates when I chant. A spark of brilliant light hidden in my chest.

And yes, if anyone was wondering, Snatam Kaur's voice can still make me cry. I'm happy about that. She fills my heart with something beautiful.


  1. That is great that you are keeping up! Once this becomes a regular part of your life you will REALLY notice it when you don't do it. I find that this "tool" is something that makes a big difference in my day. The times when I don't get up early and have this time I don't function as well. It becomes more apparent when you don't meditate as you become more conscious of the "trash" that starts to pile up, and how you feel when you don't have this time to connect with your inner self.

  2. Gurumustuk, thank you for your comment. I really love my meditation moment every day, I can't think of being with out it now.