Thursday, April 1, 2010

Still going

This Easter is going to be very nice. We are having a lot of friends and family over to eat some food and socialize tomorrow afternoon and night. It kind of an open house thing and people will come and leave as they please during the evening. Perhaps about 40 people in total. It's going to be fun and I look forward to them coming here, long time no see and all that. :-)

It's also very nice to have 4 days of from work, a really long weekend. We are going to visit my husbands aunt, but mostly we going to be at home. That is going to be really nice, just being at home.

I'm doing my sadhana and after this weekend I will have done it for 20 days straight. I like it a lot, the result is that I feel more centered, and I feel beautiful (a not expected side effect) but I find it harder to concentrate during meditation now when I gotten used to the sadhana. My mind flies all around, to the future and the past. But I know, just keep up!

Happy Easter to you all!

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