Saturday, April 24, 2010

Did it!

I kept up! 40 days straight, doing sadhana! Even today and yesterday when I have been away from home on an all weekend course. These 40 days has been both hard, fantastic, beautiful, filled with love, inspiration and pep talk's from near and far. I want to thank all of you that has give me the strenght to keep up. Are you wonder if you did anything? If you read this, you did. Just the fact that you given me and my sadhana one thought during these 40 days have helpt me on some level, I'm sure of it.

Are you thinking about doing a sadhana for 40 days? Just do it! I found insight, love, peolpe who inspire me and I feel closer to those I love. I can't garantee that this is wat you will get, but I'm sure you will get something out of it.

I will share a secret with you now; I have begun walking a path that I never thought I would walk. I sense something more, even though I have never been religious. That is big, for me. I have not found home yet but I walking. Babysteps, but still.

Here is something I learned:

It takes 40 days to change a habit.
It takes 90 days to confirm the habit.
The new habit is who you are in 120 days.
You have mastered the new habit in 1000 days.

So as you can see; the only way for me is to keep keeping up! I'm going to continue doing sadhana.

Hope you are feeling how this day is a beautiful day!


  1. Excellent. I don't know you . But am so happy for you.

    Harminder Singh

  2. Thank you, Harminder! I'm happy for me too. :-)

  3. Awwwwwn, I'm happy for you too! And I totally love the optimism in every word you've said!

  4. Thank you for your comment, Hapiness charm!