Friday, April 30, 2010

Mixed thoughts

My new kundalini yoga and meditation set is wonderful. I like the prepering yoga postures and the meditation is pure love. The mantra is "Har Hare Hari Wahe Guru". I do not know why I was worried to start. This set is so challenging and still so rewarding, it's just a miracle.

Gurumustuk, MrSikhNet, wrote about my blog and after that it feels like more people have been reading my words. I don't have a visitor counter on this blog by choice, I don't want to be distracted, if people want to make them self known they will, by commenting or following this blog. It feels a bit weird though, I'm thinking; what do I have to offer? Do I have to write more inspiring posts now? It's a bit scary when you realise that the there are more than three, four persons reading. But I think this blog will stay the same as it started, very personal. And I like getting comments, it put things in perspective and often warm my heart.

I do understand that I sound like a child in many of my posts, but it's because english isn't my first language and I'm a total beginner at this; meditating, sikhism and so on. I'm actually having my 29th birthday today. It's been a really nice day; been at work, went to the movies with my husband, meditated, reading blogs on sikhism. I baked some vegan chocolate muffins to celebrate my birthday with my work colleagues, and they really liked it. They usually hassle me a bit about eating vegan food.

MrSikhnet uploaded some really nice videos on the topic Becoming a Sikh on youtube. Some of the interviews I've seen before but it was the first time I saw Hari Bhajan Kaur and Prabhu Singh, both interviews touched me.


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a "Naam-full" day!
    I love the Honesty with which you put down your thoughts and it is totally fine to sound like a kid, I'd say I love your blog regardless, its inspiring!

  2. Thank you for you sweet words, Hapiness charm! I had a beautiful birthday, couldn't have been a better day.