Monday, May 24, 2010

Health and a little bit love

This last days I haven't been feeling at my best. Headaches and pains in joints and muscles, not nice. I have been taking Dr Arjan's health tip on drinking golden milk for some days now but it doesn't seem to help as much as I would like. I know some people who really been helped by it before, so I choose to believe it would have been worse if I hadn't been drinking the golden milk.

I have been listning to music and mantras a lot lately and I can feel the love flow when I hear and sing along. Some day perhaps I will be singing for you, I downloaded a open source program called Audacity so I can do some recordings, but I think I will have to learn how to play some kind of instrument because I like music filled with energy and lust for dance. I's a bit hard to create that acapella. Especially when you are not a trained musician.

I will not be going to the European Yoga Festival this summer because the transportation was cancelled and I didn't hear back from the work exchange program. So I guess it wasn't suppose to be this summer for me. I'll try to make it happen next summer.

If you are in the US or will be travelling there in September and love music, mantras and kundalini yoga, maybe this would be something for you; Spirit Fest. I think it sounds really nice. But I'm not going, unfortunately it to far away for me.


  1. Have you tried drinking ginger water? You grate the ginger into boiling water and let it set for a couple of minutes. It gets really strong and helps digestion which is really important when one has a cold or an infection. It's sustained me through my singing years. :) Be well soon! Great to read your posts. :)

  2. Sat Nam, dear Har Anand..

    just a few notes on the Golden Milk that you may find helpful...

    - as with any natural remedy, they work over a longer period of time. Very often you will experience a healing crisis, i.e. stuff that was long trapped in your body comes out

    - depending on weather and your body type, cow's milk may not be your best friend. For me, cow milk products, especially those ones with low fat content, and especially when taken in the colder time of the year, have cause me having colds. however I seem to be fine with small amounts of full fat milk, particularly when it is warm outside. Think about switching to full fat (if you are using low fat), or goats milk or even soya milk (add a tiny bit of butter in that case). The turmeric needs some fat in the milk (or carrier food/drink) to work best.

    Wishing you good healing & chardi kala

  3. Thanks for the tip, Pimu! I have not tried ginger water, I think I will.

    Very interesting golden milk information, Anonymous. Thank you for sharing. Makes sense, the healing crisis. Since I'm a vegan I don't drink cow milk. I've been using soy milk with a little oil in it. I didn't know why I should have oil in it, but now I know. :-)