Thursday, June 3, 2010


Why am I hesitating now? It's now possible for me to apply to teacher training course and become Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher. It's expensive but it's doable. I have longed to take a course like this for a long time and now I feel hesitation. I feel like it's to much money to spend on me, I'm afraid that I will not like it then regret it. Unfortunately the biggest part is that I don't feel worthy. So I asked for a hukam and hope it would tell me too apply:
The ointment of spiritual wisdom is obtained from the True Guru.
 Thank you, divine and omnipresent!

I probably will apply, but the course might be full already and maybe I can't go. But I hope I will.

By the way, I absolutely love the cyber-hukams. It's easily accessible, I learn so much and it's a way to connect. You can interpret the hukam to apply to your life and the situation you need help or support with right now. I really hope that I'm not offending any one, I don't know if your "allowed" to use the hukam like this.


  1. Dear Har Anand - I started my teacher training in March on a desperate whim and IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. It will change yours too if you let it. I know what you mean by selfish but it isn't. It's actually serving everybody around you if you take the teachers' course. One will be able to contribute in so many ways as a teacher, I believe. You already know the answer to your dilemma. :D Much love.

  2. Apply....and you will get in! everything will be perfect, by Guru jee's will!
    I know you'll be a great teacher!

    Oh and Hukams are supposed to be used like this, just as commands of your Guru! So don't you worry dear!

    Take Care!
    Guru Fateh!

  3. Thank you, Hapiness Charm, you are so sweet! And thanks for the hukam info, I will not worry any more. :-)