Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mowing the lawn

Our house has a huge lawn. It took me one and a half hour to mow almost all of it (I had done some of it on Monday evening). This is going to be a summer of lost of hour spent on moving the lawn. It's quite satisfactory though, you see the result of your work. That is nice.

My hukam told me today:
He Himself has staged His own drama; O Nanak, there is no other Creator.
This made no sense to me at all, I have to little knowledge, so I looked backwards to understand the context:
When this world had not yet appeared in any form, who then committed sins and performed good deeds?
When the Lord Himself was in Profound Samaadhi, then against whom were hate and jealousy directed?
When there was no color or shape to be seen, then who experienced joy and sorrow?
When the Supreme Lord Himself was Himself All-in-all, then where was emotional attachment, and who had doubts?
 This text is still a bit of a mystery to me. Could "He Himself" point back towards me and myself; Me Myself has staged my own drama? In that case He would be meaning people in general. I drawing this concusions based on the text before the hukam I got today. To me it stands for when we merge with the divine; then there is no good or bad, no hate or jealousy, no joy or sorrow and no attachments or doubts. So we create our own dramas in life because we are not one with the divine.

But what do the hukam have to do with mowing? Well, when you mow you just are in that moment, doing only that. You're cut of from the world by the engines roar and you're just focusing on mowing; right here, right now. Much like meditation in the way that you merge with the task, but in meditation you, or I, merge with the mantra. When I am focused like that, I am a bit more quiet inside. 

But I can be totally wrong, as I wrote I have no knowledge of the teachings of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, I'm just thinking about what it could mean and trying to learn. If you have som insight in this text you are welcome to share.


  1. He Himself has staged His own drama; O Nanak, there is no other Creator.

    'He' is reffered to Lord(God).Lord has staged his own drama, meaning this whole world, universe is a drama created by him. We are the "puppets" in this drama.So if All of us are just existing in this drama, then how can a person or a phenomena be more powerfull than the creator who created everything in the first place.

    J Singh

  2. Also, both the good deeds and the jealousy and hate are part of creation, of this world...

    I wish I had a lawn to mow! :D

  3. Thank you J Singh and Pimu!

    Of course your right, I don't know How I could have misinterpreted it so...

    Thank you!

  4. Oh wow!
    I love those days, when ypu are mowing or walking/jogging, all by yourself!
    It just gives you time to focus on yourself anf things that you love (Lawn!)....The entire time, one could be thinking about life and things he/she wants to do...... I hope your summer is fun!

  5. Hapiness, I hope you have a fun summer also!