Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I been thinking about my hukam a lot to day (see earlier post) so I wrote a poem about it. Many sikh bloggers are into poems I've noticed and I got a bit inspired by Brijdeep Singh and his blog Sikh sailor, he often uses poems. I don't know the rules around poems but I thought I give it a try...

Who is my Saint?

Where will I turn to for wisdom,
who will guide me towards the next step?
Where can I look for inspiration and an encouraging word,
who has time for me?

I read and read,
but am I on the right path?
Do I analyse the words right?

Am I just looking for appreciation,
like a dog doing trix?
No I don't think so,
but who will know for sure,
who will see me beneath all the layers?

I want to learn,
I want to find bliss,
but where do I go from here?

Maybe this is not a poem, maybe it's just words...

I'm so longing for teacher training to start, but what if I don't find what I seek? Will they laugh at my new found religious streak? Or will I find a sangat, will I bee in the presence of the Holy?


  1. True Spoken Word Poetry! :D I wish I had the courage to express myself through poetry. Oh well, one day. :)

    Seeking is finding!

    And NO, they won't laugh! They didn't laugh at me at least, and I was the one wearing a turban... :D They thought my new found spirituality was beautiful and that I glowed. So keep Sikhing, sister! ;)

  2. It's true, you do glow. At least in your writing :-) Thank you for your kind words!

  3. Awwwn! HarAnand! I feel your fact this brought tears to my eyes, b/c I'm feeling the same way....but you know what, you'll be fine! I know it! I can see it.... and I promise, it will all work out in the end...and you'll have Guru jee help you find your way!
    =) Take Care!
    Love, blessings and best wishes!

  4. Don't cry Hapiness! I also think it will sort it self out in the end. What may be, may be... :-)