Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yesterdays emotional tumbling around, gave me inspiration for some more little mantra pictures. Lots of love, and yes I'm smiling again! Kirtan is the solution!

...Today's hukam told me to get up in the morning and do my meditations then, so I will do that tomorrow. This is something that has been growing on me to do. I'm not a morning person and I like doing my daily spiritual practise in the evening when all is calm. Once or twice I have been up early meditating and that is really special, so I'll set the alarm for a bit earlier tomorrow.
The Creator Himself plays all the games; only a few understand this. Meditate on the Name, and the Word of the Shabad, in the early hours before dawn; leave your worldly entanglements behind.


  1. I'm so glad you found healing through creativity! Have a beautiful morning tomorrow! ...I'll be up at 5.30. :D

  2. I'll meet you then, in meditation at 5:30 :-)

  3. <3 !

    I love this Hukam! I always try but can hardly ever manage to get up at amrit vela....but I know the feeling, its like Dawn of Spiritual life, Its the most beautiful and personal thing about being a Sikh, just getting up, from the Lap of the Guru, and bowing down to His feet- doing the 5 morning banis!....feeling all the Love flowing into us....
    I guess Amrit vela is the most Sikh thing to do, at least for me =)