Monday, June 7, 2010


I have a applied for teacher training, posted the letter today. It's funny, I been in pain all day, my joints hurt like never before. I have never experienced this before. But what is more wierd, I don't feel excited, which I really thought I would when I decided to apply. I want to do this and thought I would feel ecstasy. Now I feel guilty for not being over the moon, feeling fantastic. My dream is coming true, and I feel disconnected. This is even more painful.
Those who have abandoned all else, and who cling to the One Lord alone, do not make trouble for anyone's mind. Those who are totally absorbed and preoccupied with Maya are dead; they do not find happiness anywhere. One who dwells in the Society of the Saints finds a great peace; the Ambrosial Nectar of the Naam becomes sweet to his soul. That humble being, who is pleasing to his Lord and Master - O Nanak, his mind is cooled and soothed.
I'm probably totally occupied with Maya, but how do you get out of it? But it is true I like Maya a lot. Is it always wrong? I like to create things, is wrong to create things and make other people happy?


  1. Do you know, sometimes there's pain in setting new things in motion because it's a kind of mourning beforehand of the things that will change. It's not even a conscious thing but a deep process.
    Creating is great! I guess it's more the identification as "I the creator of things" that is Maya. Forgetting that you too were created and that creativity is something that flows through you, not something you created. I'm sure there are other readers that can answer the question more eloquently. :)


  2. Creating things for others to enjoy, could be a Huge Seva.... as long as you do not use it as an Ego booster, it is not maaya. In fact Maya is all those things that detach you and your mind from God......
    Don't even worry HarAnand Kaur! You are blessed! there in no such issue as being bound in maaya for you, I am sure, and even if there is, the True Guru's grace will reach it and melt the layers of Maaya Soon....just do Ardaas.... that's all we have in our hands, isn't it?
    And about being unmotivated about Yoga teacher training......don't're gonna be the best teacher! & God willing you will be accepted!

    Just do a heartfelt Ardaas, and remember, Guru jee loves you!

    Take Care

  3. Thank you for your answers, Pimu and Hapiness charm! I guess you are right but it's hard to separate happiness you feel when you help others and the Ego boost, what is what? I'll have to think about this.