Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wahe guru - love

The God-conscious being is the dust of all.
The God-conscious being knows the nature of the soul.
The God-conscious being shows kindness to all.
No evil comes from the God-conscious being.
The God-conscious being is always impartial.
Nectar rains down from the glance of the God-conscious being.
The God-conscious being is free from entanglements.
The lifestyle of the God-conscious being is spotlessly pure.
Spiritual wisdom is the food of the God-conscious being.
O Nanak, the God-conscious being is absorbed in God's meditation.

This must be my hukam of love! My soul is a accompanied by music of bliss! Snatam Kaur - Anand

Waiting, waiting - Is the teacher training meant to be for me? An opportunity for me to be patient... :-)


  1. Waiting for my name... patience... :D

  2. Patience... Couldn't keep it. Sent an email, just to know it the application were received. Nervous..

  3. Is it for the course in Gbg starting this autumn or the one in Sthlm? Fingers crossed!