Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 86

The wisdom just flow my way through the hukams I'm receive, I'm grateful!

Within my mind and body is the intense pain of separation; how can my Beloved come to meet me in my home? When I see my God, seeing God Himself, my pain is taken away. I go and ask my friends, ""How can I meet and merge with God?"" O my True Guru, without You I have no other at all. I am foolish and ignorant; I seek Your Sanctuary. Please be Merciful and unite me with the Lord. The True Guru is the Giver of the Name of the Lord. God Himself causes us to meet Him. The True Guru understands the Lord God. There is no other as Great as the Guru. I have come and collapsed in the Guru's Sanctuary. In His Kindness, He has united me with God. No one has found Him by stubborn-mindedness. All have grown weary of the effort. Thousands of clever mental tricks have been tried, but still, the raw and undisciplined mind does not absorb the Color of the Lord's Love. By falsehood and deception, none have found Him. Whatever you plant, you shall eat. O God, You are the Hope of all. All beings are Yours; You are the Wealth of all. O God, none return from You empty-handed; at Your Door, the Gurmukhs are praised and acclaimed. In the terrifying world-ocean of poison, people are drowning-please lift them up and save them! This is servant Nanak's humble prayer.

I've been listning to Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa - Heal me and an other song of hers Triple Mantra. I feel protected, like I'm supposed to, I hope she will know that her voice makes people feel that. She and I are singing a duet in my house right now, while I'm writing this. Thank you Pimu, for posting link to this music some days ago.

I found a new blog yesterday,, we are so many new seekers (or sikhers) now. Cyber sangat, you all are a blessing. The blog post about wearing a kara was really nice, I been longing to do so, wearing a kara, for some months, I think it was one of the first things I really could relate to in sikhism of the 5 K's. I think it's a nice reminder to think of, ok then God, or the divine. Beautiful!

And I completed my second 40 day sadhana. By the Guru's grace...


  1. Congratulations to the double sadhana! :) I stand in awe as I haven't yet completed that commitment. I think the 5 K's are a beautiful tool, physical reminders are great! I saw some at if you are keen to check some out. :D

  2. ...Oh and thank you for mentioning on your blog - I was so glad to read the blog of yet another seeker! Cyber-sangat rocks.

  3. Hello Beautiful G /Har Anand Kaur -

    Thank you for the music sharing. i have been enjoying them all this evening. Can you imagine all of us cyber sangat sikhs joining together some day to meet? So far between you (in Sweden) and myself (in Canada) we could meet in the middle (Britain - where Prithi Hardkaur is :). I will just put the dream out there and see what happens :)...

  4. Pimu - you in? :)

  5. Congratulations!!!! this is so cool! It really is commendable!

    And thanks for the music links!!!

    And yes Cyber-Sangat rocks

  6. I'm so happy for your comments! You are all so sweet!

    Yes, maybe we all will me some day! :-)

  7. I'm in! I'm in! :) I'd love to meet you guys. :D