Saturday, July 31, 2010


One year since we got married, me and my darling. We celebrate this with a visit to the farm house which we will someday take over and live in. My father in law lives here now, and has done so for almost all of his life. We are here helping to chop wood, well I more company than really helping, but I cooked the food at least. And I took some great photos, it is a hobby of mine since long time but when you don't keep it up the photos don't get that good any longer. But today I got some good ones I think.

The farm house is a fantastic house, really traditional Swedish, red with white corner of the house. It has a old barn (no animal has lived there for a long long time) and some other little buildings. We would really like to live here now if we could but work is keeping us from it. I am always on the look out for jobs in the vicinity of the farm house.

The house and the other buildings have so much potential. You could have works shop, weekend courses, evening kirtans or morning sadhanas here. Another life, another way of life...

Someday... Well, now it is out and chop some more wood. We want to stay warm in the winter.


  1. My heartfelt congratulations to you both! Wow, the place sounds so beautiful! You already see the potential - just keep believing in it and it'll all come together at the perfect time. :D

  2. Yes I think so too. When time is ready, it will be!

  3. Wow! This place almost seems dreamy and just so beautiful... Congratulations on your first Anniversary! It must be so cool be married for 1 complete year... Have a fun filled day!
    Take Care!
    Sat Nam!

  4. Thank you Hapiness charm! This really is a beautiful and dreamy place. It has felt as home from the start.

    Take care! Love and Light

  5. Sat Shri Akal

    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!!!
    This is the base of your life, so enjoy it every day (even on the days that are a bit down...)
    i have never been in Sweden, but i can imagine exactly what this beautiful place is looking like. You will live there one day, no doubt about it... your love is already there!

    manpreet kaur

  6. Thank you, Manpreet! I really love being married to my fantastic husband. Every day is better with him, no matter what the day looks like :-) Yes, I think I will live in countryside on day.