Monday, July 26, 2010

Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru

I have completely fallen in love with this mantra, especially when it is done in the style of Gurusangat Singh's 108 repetitions - faster version. Lovely!

 I found a blog some days ago by Sirgun Kaur. She a very talented musician and she post some of her music on her blog, I especially like her version of the mul mantra, but I always like that mantra so I'm not that hard to please.  :-) Anyway, check it out if you like personal post and thoughts, mantra music and kundalini yoga. I read in a post that she going to take a teacher's training course kundalini yoga, just like me, so I think it will be interesting to read about that.

Today I have been cuddling with my husband and looking on old movies, sorting through old clothes to give away and throw away (such a nice feeling to get rid of some of that stuff) and then I have also worked more on my windows. I was putting on new window putty while my husband was brushing away old paint with a wire brush on an other window. Then my brother in law came over for dinner, that was nice since he doesn't visit very often. And now we're gonna watch some more movies. Vacation is nice!


  1. Enjoy your vacation! Thanks for the blog tip! Sat Nam.

  2. I will enjoy it! :-) Always here to spread the word of a good blog. Sat Nam, sister!

  3. Aww! I was reading away happily while listening to the fast version of the Mantra! Its lovely! Thanks for sharing it, and the blog of course =)

    Thank you!
    Sat nam!

  4. oh fantastic! i'll see you in August. How funny! So glad you like you like the Mul Mantra.

  5. Sorry Sirgun, I was a bit unclear. I'm starting teacher's training here in Sweden in September. My teacher's training consists of 20 weekends in 2 years. And I'm so looking forward to it. :-)

    Hapiness, I'm glad you liked the fast version, I think it's great and very energizing.

  6. Oh how funny. I thought that was pretty coincidental! Well, we shall be learning in unison on different continents. =)

    Many blessings to you in Sweden!