Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Continue to meditate

The past two days while I've been meditating, I've felt as though something is missing. I think this has to do with my sadhana this 40 day period has been very heavy on meditation, not at all balanced up with yoga. This has been a nice insight to get I must say. I very grateful for this, it's so easy to just rush through the yoga to get to the meditation I think. But now, close to the finish line of these 40 days, I can really understand why I love the asanas and need the asanas. Meditation can be bliss but without the asanas to get you focused and prepared, it's so much harder to keep the mind steady and not wandering all over. My cyber hukam today was just like a confirmation of these thoughts which already were circling in my mind. I'll share a part of the shabad with you here, if you wish to read the whole shabad click on the text below.
Those who restrain their wandering mind, keeping it steady and stable,
obtain the supreme status, by Guru's Grace.
The True Guru Himself unites us in Union with the Lord. Meeting the Beloved, peace is obtained.
Some are stuck in falsehood, and false are the rewards they receive.
In love with duality, they waste away their lives in vain.
They drown themselves, and drown their entire family; speaking lies, they eat poison.
How rare are those who, as Gurmukh, look within their bodies, into their minds.
Through loving devotion, their ego evaporates.

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  1. I'm like you on this issue - I really need asana as well as meditation - as well as a good dose of pranayam to keep me in balance. But it's nice to get to discover that for oneself, as you say. :D