Sunday, July 4, 2010

Meditation by the sea

Yesterday morning I did my morning meditation on a cliff overlooking the sea. Peaceful, I'll try to meditate in the nature more after this beautiful experience. The background for this little message to meditate is photo taken at the same place where I was meditating earlier that morning.

But now when I look at all the work I put in to this picture, I realise that it was more beautiful from the beginning. So here it is, simply beautiful:

Thank you all for the nine votes in the blog poll, now I know what you like to see/read here on my blog. I think I was a bit silly when I put in the option "something else", 1 vote on that option. If you chose "something else" and want to read something special, please leave a comment, I can't promise to write about it but maybe... And of course you can commant anonymously. Otherwise you all seem to like the blog as it is, the votes are quite evenly spread but hukams, daily life and this blogs colours are apparently extra well liked. Thank you :-)

Saranpreet's post on longing for love and support and still not being able to open your heart to it, scares me a lot. I long so much for the omnipresent love and support, and I feel it sometimes, but I'm so scared I will turn my back on it out of fear... Fear of the future, fear of what people will think. I want to dive in to all this but something is holdning me back... why and what is to be seen later.

But I've been keep up practise, been doing sadhana for 109 days (not straight, 17 days straight now, but only one break in 110 days). This blog has given me so much support, I do not think this would have been possible to do on my own.

Blessings, peace and love


  1. Beautiful beautiful view! I've also been by the sea today here in Skåne, it's been marvellous and I have a redneck tan line where my turban ends and my face begins. :D
    My advice is don't fight the fear. Listen to it and learn what it wants to tell you. And think about it this way - you can't turn your back on love, it's all arund you no matter what way you turn. It is what we are. Every moment you are surrounded by love and protected by love. And sometimes tested by love. :D

    Much LOVE!

  2. I love the coast; Bohuslän, Halland and Skåne. They all have their own different beauty.

    I'll try to listen to my fear and what it wants to say...

  3. Just embrace your feelings in your meditation. :) You can also ask yourself what the fear reminds you of, and look for clues in your dreams and any pictures or associations you get from the fear. Also you can also confront the fear rationally - visualize the worst case scenario for example "what would happen in I did this thing? Well, I would be laughed at, my friends would disown me, my family would be ashamed" etc. and then see if the fear is at all realistic. Most often it isn't. :D