Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I feel myself slipping from the path. The light seems farther away than I have become used too, even though every thing is the same. Meditating every day and liking it a lot.

My hukam;
You, O Creator, know everything which occurs within our beings.
You Yourself, O Creator, are incalculable, while the entire world is within the realm of calculation.
Everything happens according to Your Will; You created all.
You are the One, pervading in each and every heart; O True Lord and Master, this is Your play.
One who meets the True Guru meets the Lord; no one can turn him away.
Listening to Sat Narayan, and trying to go with the flow, trying to think I'm not slipping at all. Life has ups and downs; and the ups wouldn't be so sweet if there were no downs.


  1. I think you got it exactly. :D I don't think it sounds as if you're slipping - you're enjoying your meditations, is that slipping...? Maybe you're just stepping into something new. :)

  2. No, it definitely feels like slipping. I feel unmotivated...

  3. Well, as you say yourself - it's all part of the path. :) I wish you inspiration!