Monday, July 12, 2010

Why do you answer the phone when your meditating?

That is a really good question. I've done it twice the last few days, I really wonder why because it's really stupid. I will stop doing that from now on. Right now we are having a heatwave here in Sweden, and I'm feeling really ungrateful. 25 degrees C is fantastic but 30 degrees is not so good, I'm sweating like a pig to be honest. But meditation was good though (except the phone answering)  feeling happy and smile while chanting and being the warmest in the whole. Felt beautiful, though I'm sure I wasn't. But really, who cares about beautiful, or sweat for that matter, when life is good in general and meditation is sweet?

Have now listened to Nirinjan Kaur - Heal me and are now going to chill a bit with Guru Ganesha Singh - Sat Narayan . You have surely read post here about both of those songs but they are really good.

Yesterday I listened to a childrens story on SikhNet, Attitude of gratitude. It was really sweet, even if you are all grown up.

Have  a blessed day in love and light!

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