Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bird, cats, politics, kara, satisfaction, dreams

I had to kill a bird. And I cried like a baby, the loss of just one little birds life was so awful. On of my cats had taken it and it was still alive but very hurt, so I had too but I wonder, could it have recovered? Now the tears come again. But what are you to do, I do not want to see any animals suffer. Did I do wrong? What do you think?

My cats have been cuddling like, well, I don't know what after the bird killing incident. Perhaps they know that I'm not so happy with them. But it is their nature to kill birds, so what can you do? They are what they are, and they are beautiful. I very happy that we have them in our home.

Elections are coming up here in Sweden and I have been very ambivalent on how much time and effort should put into this. Now I have decided, started and it feels great. I asked for guidance and I got it, in one way or another. :-)

I been thinking about wearing a kara for the last few days, again. I always think, think, think about the kara. I am almost ready, I want to be reminded every day, every moment. But do you sleep with the kara on? I don't know, do you?

I am happy, I feel the love. I wanna give love.

I dream of meeting my dear blogging friends someday, and by the guru's grace will. If it was meant to be that why. I have faith. It is wonderful.

Love & bliss,


  1. Cats are great! We had one staying just overnight the other week and he was just so much fun!
    I think it's very admirable that you are involved in politics, we all do have a personal responsibility. As for the kara, I don't know either but I wear one now and never take it off, it's stainless steel so it's very durable.

    You and I can meet really soon! :D Maybe at the tantra in Stockholm in January if not before?

  2. Ok, that is that! I will order a kara now. :-)

    Yes, it would be lovely to meet, Stockholm for sure! You promised me to tie a turban for me, do you remeber? :-)

  3. Ok, I chickened out. I not ready for the kara yet. I have to think a little bit more I think... :-)

  4. Aww Har Anand! I am trying to think about the bird killing thing, and I really don't know, perhaps (my first opinion to it) killing a poor thing is not very positive in my eyes, Like I would not, but I can't say what should you have done, because I was not in your position and I don't know how much the bird was suffering. But the one thing you can do, is an Ardaas, praying for the birds forever RIP

    Oh and the Kara, yes you wear it all the time, day and night, but then again, you can do what you like, I never wore a Kara regularly until I took Amrit, so it really is a Kakkar, and hence for an initiated Sikh, almost like another body part... And definitely, take your time, if it needs more time, give it just that!
    Take Care,
    H. Kaur!

  5. Yes the bird thing, was awful. But no in perspective, letting live just a little bit longer would have been cruel. It probably was to hurt to recover, but I am no bird vet so I don't know for sure.

    The kara will be mine in time... :-)

    Take care, Hapiness!

  6. *Poor Birdiee but Har Anand Kaur Ji if i was in your shoes i would definitely do the same.. i think it is more wiser to let the bird go rather then seeing it suffer~~ so i do understand your feeling..

    Cats?? i hate cats :P
    well they are adorable and cute and... but still no no to cats =)

    Politics ~~ as said by saranpreet ji, really admirable that you are involved in politics as we all do have personal responsibility towards it but i prefer to stay away from politics as much as possible =)
    But again there is an exception for this one cat we have at home (the only cat that i touch ;P), we don't know where it came from but starting staying in our house, so yea we take good care of the cat as mush as possible..

    Hanji about Kara.. I am a born Sikh from Malaysia and what i believe is that Kara is a symbol of Sikhs and we wear it all the time no matter you have taken your Amrit or not.
    And talking about your situation, it is really nice to hear that you are actually considering to wear a Kara, so don't worry take as much as time you want and then you can wear it when you are ready =) wish you all the best on that..

    Glad you are happy because this is just the positive vibe i need to start my day..

    And i truly wish all your dreams come true..

    Take care..
    Gurfateh & Satnam

  7. Hmm, you present some interesting questions.

    As for the Bird, you know in Sikhi, even if we have to kill an animal to eat, it is done "jhatka". As in in one clean cut of the neck so that the animal dies instantly. Its very different than Halal where the throat is slit and the animal suffers for a while before it dies.

    But in your case, it was euthanasia, which is by itself a big moral conundrum. Would I have done the same, maybe I would have. If I felt that the bird was withering in extreme pain and would not have survive long and a quick twist of the neck would put it out of its misery, then out of compassion I might have done it. However, the other way to look at it is that Sikhi says to not mess with Divine will too much, let the Universe figure things out and don't change the course of causality, especially not for personal gain.

    Yup, the cats can sense they did something you are not pleased with. It happens a lot with dogs too, infact its this ability to theirs to understand and show emotion that endears them to us.

    I've been wearing a Kara since I have first remember and wear it all the time. Perhaps a small thin one that doesn't cause much discomfort could be a good start.

    Chardi Kala!

  8. You sweet people, Pearljeet and Brijdeep!

    Thank you for your comments, I 've read them both and they bring up a lot of thought the right ways in life. But I have to put the bird thing behind me now, I get sad every time it comes to mind.

    Pearljeet, what does "Hanji" mean?

  9. Well hanji means *Yes* in Punjabi.. =)

    Ps- sorry for the typing error in earlier message(mismatched combination of politic and cat story :P, it was suppose to be with the second paragraph.. sorry i did not realized it )

  10. Har Anand Kaur, I just wanted to let you know that I'm so addicted to reading your blog posts every single day, that I'm missing 'you' so much, for the past 2 days. I hope you are doing fine and are in bliss! Take Care!
    Loads of Love and hugs!
    I think I might be your #1 fan! LOL!

    Sat Nam!

  11. Darling Hapiness, thank you. Time has not been on my side these last days, a lot of work and also a priority to spend time with my husband. I 'll write soon... :-)

  12. Aww! that's so cool! especially because you are prioritizing spending time with your husband... I'm sorry I'm such a kid, that I couldn't wait! Haha, but really have a good time!!!!