Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day nine

Yesterday doing Nabhi Kriya, I felt so strong. Amazing! I has taken some days to get into these asanas but now I love them. I'm playing some powerful yogi music and getting some real energy from that. The meditation though, so hard. I not loving it but that is probably the learning thing of this 40 days. This is a breathing meditation and I so miss my lovely lovely mantras. Buhu. :-) I'm just whining, this is a good challenge from and I will keep up. I got a letter from my teachers training teacher telling me what to bring to the first weekend of the education, and also some mantra (the aquarian age sadhana mantras) to learn before the weekend. I am so lucky I been chanting the these mantra this whole spring and summer :-) Rakhe Rakhan Har is my favorite, closely followed by (the classic) Mul Mantra but all of them are beautiful and when I write this I want include them all.



  1. Sounds wonderful with the nabhi kriya! you can always do an extra 11 minutes of favorite mantramediation :D How exciting that your teachera' course is starting soon! Mine is too, looking forward to meeting everyone again. :)

  2. I am so looking forward to teachers training. And I sing mantra all the way to and from work, now that I am going by my own car and not bus anymore.