Sunday, August 8, 2010

Humbling, scary and also just lovely

Just like I felt when I was linked to on MrSikhnet, I have mixed feelings. One of my posts has been featured on Sikhnet, to me that is like this huge... I don't know what else to say, I visit Sikhnet almost every day to learn about Sikhism, listen to music and read different articles that are featured. So when I so my own words, my post, on Sikhnet's first page I jumped a bit. It is so wierd, I do not understand what I can offer. Sure I can be witty and sometimes I guess you can really touch my feelings when you read my posts but still, there are so many much more interesting bloggers out there.

The thought of my words being read by so many people both wonderful and scary. Maybe it gave someone who read it some enjoyment, maybe it stirred up some thoughts, maybe it gave insight in another persons life, my life. I love reading personal blogs, because I am interested in how other people live and how they think, that to me is the most fascinating thing and maybe I could give that to someone else with this post. That is why it is wonderful.

It is scary because I didn't want offend anyone with that post, I know so little and I could have missunderstod some part of Sikhism, and if it where so that wrote something wrong those faults are now spreading. Another thing is that maybe someone felt I had no right to use those words without being a sikh from inside and out, words like kesh and hukam and the concept of them. This is not "what will people think", this is me not wanting to upset or hurt anyone. Who am I to use those words and think these thoughts,  and who am I to be featured on Sikhnet? I am just a small ant in this context.

But it is also really lovely; to think someone saw my words and thought they were OK in this context, even interesting, that they were good enough to be featured. Thank you, who ever you are, you stirred up a lot of thoughts for me, you made me happy and I am grateful!

Wishing you Love & Light as always,


  1. That post on Sikhnet totally inspired me! :D Much love.

  2. Saranpreet, YOU are a source of inspiration for me! :-)

  3. You have inspired us all, and so you totally deserved to inspire the rest of the world! I was so happy to see that your post was featured...
    and really you have all the right in the world to use terms such as Kesh, Hukam and all the concepts innate to Sikhi because you are the Daughter of Guru ji, and a part of the divine, and no one can deny that!

    You're beautiful!

    Love and light =)
    Sat Nam!

  4. Thank you Hapiness! Daughter of Guru ji... That sounds really nice, I had not thought of that.