Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Smiling and keeping up

Reminded myself of my spritiual name, Har Anand Kaur which means
the Princess/Lioness of kindness, creativity and prosperity and who dwells in spiritual bliss.

Yesterdays hair turmoil was good for me. I gained insightt hat I wouldn't want to be without and today I feel, yes actually, bliss. I subscribe to The Positivity Blog's newsletter and read an newsletter from the middle of july today. It had just been sitting unread in my mailbox for a while. It was a version of this post from The Positivity Blog.

I will grow from every experience.
I will not give into fear any more, I will live.
I will face reality.
I will treat myself with love.
I will create my life, perfectly and just as is should be.
I will see the possibilities.

I am keeping up meditation and I am being kept up!

Bliss & peace to you all!

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