Monday, August 30, 2010

To slow?

I read Saranpreet's blog post today, as most days. She has truly made an amazing journey, and how much I ever feel happy and warm fuzzy feelings for my spiritual sisters journey, I am wondering way I am so slow? I feel like a three year old child not a thirty year old woman. "I want, I want! Me too, me too..." but life is not like that... I will receive what I am ready for... I know I shouldn't compare, you never should. But I want everything to go fast, fast, fast and I guess this spiritual awakening thing is taking the time it needs, or more to the point, the time I need.

What I miss is the complete letting myself go, bow your head and go home like Snatam Kaur sings in the song Golden Temple. I so admire Saranpreet for that, while I treading water she just dives from the shores (as I think she wrote once).

One day I will be ready. One day I will hear someone call "Har Anand" and I will turn around and smile. Thinking of this makes my eyes tear up.

This is what I want to sing, play and feel! Wahe Guru Bliss - Bachan Kaur And this is also what I wish for all my spiritual sisters out there, and if you are a spiritual brother... well, come join the family! :-)


  1. Dear HarAnand,

    I so long for your equanimity and patience - sometimes I'm too rash and act with too much passion. It took me years and years to work up the courage to project my intention. Years. Years of doing yoga, stopping, starting again, stopping, starting again... You already have it, the resilience, perseverance, look at how you commit to your sadhanas! You already possess the trust that I've worked through sweat and tears to attain even a speck of. What a blessing.
    And: WHAT? Slow? You're going to teacher training in a couple of weeks! THAT will be such a trip... :D Much love.

  2. I would never say I have equanimity and patience, but perhaps... Sometimes others see us more clearly then we do ourselves. But I am really a bit restless :-)