Friday, September 3, 2010

Finally, weekend

Oh this has been a busy, busy week. And still I have found the time to sing and chant mantras :-)

I was thinking today, about how I always say I love my work. And I do, but I also very often complain and tell people around me how much I have to do and how stressful my work is. And that is also true... Weird... I think I will have to process this for a while, but it is worth some thought, because I don't feel it is right, that a work that you love to do can make you so out of balance.

Next weekend is the first weekend on my teacher's training; I am excited, a bit nervous, overfilled with joy and scared, so scared. My mind races with all the doubts and fears I have. What if, what if...

I really want and expect this to a highly spiritual experience and what if I am expecting to much? What if the focus isn't on the soul, what if I have immersed myself so deep into the sikhi influence on kundalini yoga that I no longer can tell the difference and expect to much? I know I will be so disappointed, if it is to much physical focus... I have to take this for what it is, the kundalini yoga, how physical it ever is, can help me get closer to my soul during meditation. I have felt it before, a rigorous yoga session and then meditation, you're just *boom* there! :-)

When I don't have the time to write my little posts on this blog, I miss it. And I miss you, and your comments when I am away. And even if you don't comment, I feel that this blog keeps me in contact with others on the same path as I.

I hope this weekend holds bliss for you all!
Love & Light


  1. I'm sure it's all going to be fine! I was so scared my first time too, and everybody else was as well! (My course meet-up is also next weekend. :D) I'm sure it's going to be very practical in the beginning, but if you try to find the spiritual within the practical, then I'm sure you won't be disappointed. :)

  2. Yes I now! :-) Today I am filled with trust in a great teachers training! And I will take your advice to heart. :-)