Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gratitude deluxe

I am joining Saranpreet in 120 day of gratitude. Fifty things to be grateful for every day. Piece of cake, or what do you think? I won't tire you with my 50 things every day but today I will share 50 of the things I am grateful for day 1, 29th October:

1.My husband, everything! From his toes to his head and all his personality and soul
2.My family
3.All my lovely friends from near and far
4.Our funny cats
5.Our house
6.My hair
7.Cookies in my cupboard
8.The fire that keeps my house warm and cosy
9.My meditation pillow (my knees would not function without it)
10.My knees
11.That I am able to see so much lovely colours
13.My voice, that I am able to chant and sing
14.Yogi Bhajan for bringing Kundalini yoga to the west
16.Spirit Voyage for the lovely Mantrapedia (where would I be without it?)
17.Every single comment anyone has ever posted on my blog, it is amazing what you give to me
18.All the blogs I read and learn from, there is always something new to be learned
19.To my first Kundalini yoga teacher who thought me for free and in so doing, helped me discover this path I trying to walk
20.All the meetings with such nice people that I always meet
21.My belief
22.Me being able to play the guitar (a bit, a itty bit...)
23.The ability to dare to try new things
24.Vegan food
25.That there is three vegan restaurants that I like just 1 hour away
26.My work
27.My collegues
28.Challenges that make it possible for me to work on patience
30.Gurbani Media Center (I use it every day!)
31.Yarn for knitting
32.My teacher training buddies that push me when I am lazy and support me when it's hard
33.Our car, it makes it possible for me be where I have to be or want to be...
34.My bed
35.My beautiful bedroom
36.This laptop
37.The internet (how was life before? How would I ever have known anything about sikhi or KY without it?)
38.All interesting books I have read
39.All paintings I have seen
40.All paintings I have done
41.All talented people I have come in contact with
42.All the trees
43.All people that has answered my silly and stupid questions about sikhi
44.That I am brave enough to ask my silly and stupid questions
46.People who post seqences of Kundalini yoga events and sikh lifestyle on Youtube
47.Hukams, I am grateful for every hukam I have got
48.My spiritual name
49.The things I get to experience in my life
50.I am grateful for me, all of me, good and bad...

One who is blessed with the medicine of the GurMantra, the Name of the Lord, O servant Nanak, does not suffer the agonies of reincarnation.

I find peace in the thought that I will let my true self come forth one day.


  1. I love your headline "gratitude deluxe"! :D

  2. I love your idea to have 120 days of huge loads of gratitude. To name the things you are grateful for makes them real... :-)

  3. Do you know, I feel a huge difference already! It's totally rewiring my thought patterns. Every time I feel negatives come up, or fear, I acknowledge it, and then I name as many things as I can that I am grateful for. It totally breaks the downward spiral. :)