Sunday, October 24, 2010

Teachers training, second weekend

Peace, love and life to all!

European Yoga festival has announced the festival dates for 2011; July 26th - August 3rd. So now I wait for the workshops and teachers to be announced. I so hope I can travel to this event, it would be warm fuzzy feelings :-)

I wanted to share something from my second weekend at Kundalini Yoga teacher's training. The weekend was themed on the asanas, the postures that makes a kriya. We got to test 36 of the most frequently used asanas in kundalini yoga. I thought it was very good to try so many asanas and get points on the usual problems students have with them. The weekend was very basic and practical, for me that was very good since I have not had much teaching on asanas since I do my yoga alone at home.

My teacher said something very beautiful; treat your body with love and respect in when you do your asanas. Have a flow in your movements and show body patience. I think this was the thing I really will hold in my heart from this weekend.

Next teacher's training will be about meditation, and I am really looking forward to that.

Peace, love and life to all!


  1. Har Anand Kaur Ji.. your post has alwayz been wonderful.

    esp now on your kundalini yoga classes.. how I wish I could be in any of those classes too :( and learn all these amazing spirit shared throughout.

  2. Ohh thank you Pearljeet! Perhaps you can find som KY classes near you?

  3. I am actually quite far away from the state that provides all these classes.. but nevertheless i will definite try to work on something..

    Just hope that it will be soon :)

  4. Yes, I felt the same longing for KY classes, but suddenly someone started giving them in my town last spring. There are KY dvd's for training at home, I know Spirit Voyage sells some...

    I don't own any KY dvd's so I can recommend any of them.