Sunday, October 3, 2010

First time teacher

Yesterday I instructed my friend who joined me for some Kundalini yoga and meditation. It was hard, and I was nervous. But I think it went ok. :-) And I liked it, it was fun to share my love for kundalini yoga. I hope I did a at least OK job teaching.

Today I have been trying to learn a part of So purkh:
tooN ghat ghat antar sarab nirantar jee har ayko purakh samaanaa.
ik daatay ik bhaykhaaree jee sabh tayray choj vidaanaa.
tooN aapay daataa aapay bhugtaa jee ha-o tuDh bin avar na jaanaa.
tooN paarbarahm bay-ant bay-ant jee tayray ki-aa gun aakh vakhaanaa.
jo sayveh jo sayveh tuDh jee jan naanak tinH kurbaanaa.

I love this song that Hari Bhajan Kaur and Sat Hari Singh has made.

I have also been renovating more on the outside of our house together with my husband. I think it was the last minute because now I can hear the wind roar outside, and I don't think there will be many days before it is to cold to be outside renovating.


  1. I love So Purakh! I'm not doing it 11 times but I do recite it every day. I love reciting it. It's so comforting and affirming. :)

  2. I like it too and I don't do the 11 times a day either... I feel I can't do everything and that that is OK. :-)

  3. Too right! it would take all day to do all the meditations one gets recommended... :)
    Great that you enjoyed teaching! I also love the feeling of being able to share and contribute.