Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Teachers training weekend 4

Ok, so this post is really long over due... But that is my life in nutshell. I trying to be here and no, not feeling guilt and just be the best person I can. Sometimes I succeed and some times I don't, but that is just what life is all about I think...

Weekend 4 of my teachers training was about Breathing. An absolutely fabulous teacher, Jona, taught us about the importance of breathing. She taught us various techniques, among other things, fire breath (which is really hard, I been doing it wrong). If you thing fire breath is hard, I learned that you can always stretch out your tongue and pant like a happy dog, then you can't do it wrong.

Breathing exercises or pranayama is wonderful way to get focused, even though I am a huge fan of mantra meditations I must say that breathing meditations gets your min were you want it so fast. I have done Basic breathing series meditation during a part of this autumn. Although in nr 6 in this meditation, chanting long Sat nam's were not in my instructions, but other then that it's the same and I really liked it.

According to the yogic tradition, deep breathes are good for relaxing, relieve stress and anxiety, relieve pain, healing the body, mind and psyche. It will increase your attention and give you energy.

Fire breath on the other hand is stimulating, warming, purifying and get your blood circulation going. It give energy, prana and oxygen and makes the asanas more effective. But it is not to be practiced while you have your menstruation or are pregnant. All according to the yogis.

During the weekend we were also taught about mudras and bhandas. I think I'll do seperate posts about those two, later on.

To finish the weekend we did the Pavan Pavan celestial communication meditation I shared with you before. It is absolutely wonderful to do that meditation together with 40 other people.


  1. Sounds wonderful! :)

  2. The teacher's training weekends are so far always amazing! :-)

  3. I agree! Too bad I only have three left...oh well, I'll just have to start doing level 2! :D