Friday, December 31, 2010

A new year

... filled with happiness and beauty for all of us.

Yesterday Saranpreet helped me to work with EFT, thank you sweetheart. A lot of things came up to the surface but the most important thing I learned was that I need to work with allowing myself a lot of thing. Allowing myself to be healthy, to have fun and most of all being myself. Not only to myself but also in front of others.

In 2011 I wish to
... allow myself to become more healthy
... learn 6 pauris of Japji
... continue with daily yoga and meditation
... allow myself to be the true me in more situations
... spend more time with my husband then I did 2010

Happy new year, everyone! And thanks for all beautiful comments during this year, you have been a support!

Love & Light,


  1. Oh and after missing for some time.. I'm back.. It was awesome to read every single of your post as usual..

    And HAPPY NEW YEAR =) May all your wishes and resolutions come true. Also may this year brings everyone more luck with good and positive vibrations =)

    Lots Of Love and Hugs

  2. Thank you Pearljeet Kaur, you are so sweet!