Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ego bashing

This is a little story of Ahankar and Nimrata. Some week ago at work my ego kicked in hard. I never think I have been so aware of this before as I was now, must be all the yoga and meditation. I let the ego take over even though I knew deep down that this wasn't going to turn out good. It is amazing that you still let it happen, when you feel it isn't right. But maybe this is just me thinking back, maybe I wasn't this aware after all.

Me and a colleague are in charge of a organization wide process involving about 50 managers in the organization. We often send updates and information from my colleagues email, with a message from both of us. I felt I was getting worried that it would go pass the organization, the leaders and managers, that I was involved with this, one of my main responsibilities at work. So my ego kicked in and I was sly, and suggested that we would sit in my office to send out the next information on the project.

This did not go well at all, even though we checked the email over and over before sending it, we managed to attach the wrong files, and the files were also using an old document temple so some receivers weren't even able to open them. And all of this just because I wanted to look good, professional and hard working. Now I looked like a fool and that was well deserved, a humbling experience I must say. It felt awful when I realized what had happened, but at the same time I smiled at myself, there is always a lesson when you go wrong. And this one was taught and received with absolute clarity.

What I learned from this is; work hard and take pride a work well done but don't try to promote yourself. The Guru will take care of you, see to it that your have what you need.

This makes me think of MrSikhNet's post Patience Pays. I am sure I linked to it before, but the video clip or the audio (which you can download and play when ever you want, for free! I listened to it a whole lot in the fall, traveling to work. Thank you!) is wonderful. Listen to it, dwell in God and befriend your soul!

Have a lovely day, here the sun is bright shining like it's spring already and melting away the snow! Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Love & light (and don't forget the dwelling and befriending of the soul!),

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