Friday, January 28, 2011

Teachers training, fifth weekend

Last weekend was the fifth weekend of teacher's training for me. This weekend about the chakra system.

Pause. I am so grateful I was lead on this path. I am here, right here, right now, feeling increasingly more and more taken care of. The divine creative force is taking care of me.

Now I know a little bit about ida, pingala, sushmuna, Prana, prana, apana, vajus, nadis, kundalini and the navel point. There is a lot to be learned... the weekend was just like a little, little window opening to this way of seeing the body... and then it closed again. I want to learn more, and so I shall. I have my Aquarian teacher manual.

Pause. Ap sahae hoa sachey da sachey doa. Har har har! Love Nirinjans version

The lectures on the chakras blew me away... I so need to work with my navel chakra, even if I feel and hope that I am more in my heart chakra then in my navel chakra. But I definitely have some balancing to do on the navel chakra.

The navel chakra is connected amongst other to the gall bladder (I have had surgery), getting things done (I have done so many thing half way), self-esteem, identity (why don't I just show my true identity, why do I hide it) and judgement.

But life is lovely and balancing the chakras is on the way, soon I will be in balance and living in total harmony and bliss. But life is so good right now, even though things are far from perfect.

Be in bliss, meditate daily!

All love,


  1. Hello Har Anand!
    Thanks for the update! I miss reading ur daily posts...but its alright, This is just as good!

  2. I miss them too :-(

    But life is all about prioritizing. I am happy when I have the time to share something with you and I have some many things I would like to write about... I always try to share as much as I can fit in to my weekly schedule. :-)