Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I feel the bliss in gratitude right now. Even though life is quite hectic right now, I feel peaceful and grateful for right about everything in my life. I read the daily hukam sent out from sikhnet.com, wear my kara and I do my mediations every day. I spend more time with my husband, I become happy every time I see my cats, my work gives me plenty opportunities to further my career, I have nice colleagues, I start with some regular physical training and it feels great, but peaceful. I feel like smiling, in fact I am right now.

I know my spiritual practice is the reason for me feeling so grounded, so peaceful. I love the feeling of my kara on my wrist, always reminding me that I am part of something bigger. That we all are part of something bigger.

I had some ideas about participating in Spirit Voyage new 40 day global sadhana, Kirtan Kriya, but I will not. I will just be enjoying the peace of this moment in time.

Sat nam,

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