Sunday, February 27, 2011

Physical pain

Yesterday evening I fell, from the middle of the stairs and a few steps down. I mostly OK but my right foot hit the banister splints. It hurt, and still hurts. I cried like a baby, of fear of what could have happened. I got scared. Yesterday and today my lovely husband has given me lot of attention.

Here is a wonderful video with Guruka Singh talking about judgement of other, he is so wise and I get really inspired by him. I have stumble upon quite a lot of video clips where he talks about different topics, I know where to find them if I wanted to see them but they have come to me with me seeking them so I guess I needed them.

If you can't see God in all, you can't see God at all! as Guruka says in this video, I think it comes from Yogi Bhajan.

Guruka also says you are a sikh is you belong to the guru... if he has touched your forehead.

Love & Light,


  1. Sat Nam! I'm happy to hear that you're ok! A great thing to do to release the fear from your body is to tap on it - you could start with "even though I got so scared, I want to accept myself" and "even though I'm so scared about what could have happened, I am ok now".
    Love, Saranpreet

  2. Thank you, sweetheart! My toe is blueish and I am limping around :-) otherwise I am totally OK!